Skin Therapy- Facials and Peels


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PCA Facials and Peels

Teen Facial $60

Help your teen understand the importance of skin care with this treatment and consultation. After a consultation of what current habits are your teen will receive a facial treatment to meet his/her needs. Then after treatment we will discuss the changes needed in home care to heal and prevent conditions.

Customized Facial    $75

Perfect for those wanting the classic style of an European facial. A perfect way to relax and rejuvenate. Warm steam and exfoliation prepare the skin for extractions and customized serum cocktail followed by a decollete, neck and face massage. A customized treatment mask that fits your skin's needs makes this is a great treatment for those who are new to facials and teens.

Oxy Trio Facial         $75

A great antioxidant therapy to correct and prevent free radical damage. Environmental stress to the skin is one of the more significant contributors to the aging process. Appropriate for use between peel treatments or when exfoliation or flaking is not desired. This treatment produces a rosy flush giving the skin a radiant,healthy look making it ideal a few days before a special event. Appropriate for those who are pregnant.    

Sensi Peel                $80 

This is a gentle solution formulated primarily for ethnic and other extremely sensitive skin types. This peel will strengthen and brighten the skin wile treating sun damage and hyperpigmentation. It also provides anti-inflammatory, acne, and bacterial action making it and excellent choice for calming rosacea. Some light flaking to moderate peeling may be experienced.         

Oxy Peel    $100

Blending the peeling benefits of the PCA peel with the healing benefits of the Oxy Tio make this treatment the ultimate super treatment that doesn't require the downtime of a classic peel. Great for those with hyperpigmentation and dull complexions from free radical damage.

PCA Peel with Hydroquinone  $90

This formula is for those who want even skin tone. It will help to quickly lighten pigmentation discolorations of any kind. This peel also helps inhibit active acne and correct post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This peel may require downtime from peeling and flaking. *Only for those without sensitivity to Hydroquinone.

Body Peel       $50+

This peel is great for lightening sun spots,softening lines, and brightening the skin. It's an excellent choice for rough, dry, sun damaged skin on the arms, legs, back, chest, hands or feet. This peel may require downtime from peeling and flaking. 

Dermaplaning Facial  $100  

This service is great for those who want surface exfoliation and removal of facial 'fuzz'. The skin is exfoliated with a special tool then treated with a customized blend of serums and treatment mask.

Dermaplaning Only    $60

This service is for those in a time crunch. The skin will be prepared and exfoliated before applying a final moisturizer and SPF. No extractions, mask, or massage will be performed during this service.

Add on: Ultra Peel II   $25

This advanced retinol based hydrating treatment will encourage additional flaking when applied with a peel. It will also tighten and brighten the skin.

Add on: 15 minute extra massage  $10